Saturday, 10 March 2018

Top 8 birthday gifts for her which are non-boring!

When you have your special someone in Goa and it is her birthday, you know you have to make it the best one ever. She will surely be obsessed with these gifts that she will value it for her life. The online websites know very well how to impress your loved one and they help you to choose the best gift for her birthday too. You will find gifts that suit her personality as well as the ones that compliment her hobby or passion. Here you will find a list of birthday gift ideas for women that will make her heart rejoice and make you look good too!

1.      Personalised purse mirror
You can buy her a personalised purse mirror with her name printed on the front. This will keep her looking good. This handy and good looking mirror will have designs at the back too.
2.      Relaxation gift box
The beautiful gift box will contain everything that is needed to calm and rejuvenate her senses and body. This box will have sweet treats along with body butter, shower gel, body lotion, hand soap, soap bar, loofah, tea and cookies.
3.      Colour changing coffee mug
You can surprise her with this amazing colour changing mug. The mug changes from a solid black to unveil about five photographs when you pour a hot liquid into it. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe too.
4.      Personalised scented candle
She will be astounded with this gift as it will have her name engraved in it. And the aromatic effect will keep her senses on a high note always. She will be proud to display it at home near her bed. This candle is designed in such a way that it keeps the wax from spilling over.
5.      Hand-made wooden jewellery box
This authentic jewellery box is hand-crafted and is unique in its own way. The lovely wood grain covers the box and inside you will find padded compartments. Where ever she places it, it will add beauty to the entire place.
6.      Spice and condiment tray
Your loved one will be on top of the world with this gift. She will definitely keep it on the dining table to add some sophistication to the table. The bowls and the wooden tray complement each other in a wonderful way. This can be used to hold warm dips for a lovely cocktail party or even cold condiments for a BBQ party.
7.      Celebration tower
This is one of the most attractive and yummy gifts that a girl can get. Each colourful box will have sweets and savouries of one kind. This will make sure it is a festive day to cherish.
8.      Ceramic teapot and infuser
This is for an unforgettable cup of tea. Easy to infuse, easy to pour and of course easy to clean up! The attractive colours will make her go crazy in love all over again.

Sweep her off her feet with online unique Birthday gifts delivered to any part of Goa!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Make this festival Flavorsome with these Holi Sweet Treats

Holi is around the corner, and what’s the better way to start the celebration than drooling over these delicious festive sweet treats.
India is a country that celebrates a whole lot of different festivals. Andwhen it’s come to holi, it brings along with it lots of colours, water guns, balloons,dance on old- new Hindi songs, and plates filled with delicious sweets and snacks.
We have listed few holi sweets, which you can relish this festive seasons. And like the way we play with colours on Holi,why not play with these sweets by doing something creative with it and lay-out an impressive spread that makes it more appealing.


The traditional gujiya‘the real queen’ of Holi sweets, is made up using maida flour for covering and stuffed with a delightful mixture of khoya, dry fruits and powdered sugar, and fried in desi ghee till crisp. This popular sweet dumpling is one of the best sweets during this festival and undoubtedly one of the finger-licking sweet you ever had.

Varieties of gujiya are sold in the market during this festive season with a modern twist in their filling named as chocolate gujiya, coconut gujiya, baked gujiya etc.


It is a deep fried, soft, fluffy, yet crisp melt-in-mouth pancakes coated with sugar syrup often served with rabri. When topped up with a dash of dry fruits makes it even more alluring. This is also one of the traditional north Indian sweet, loved across India and is heartily enjoyed during Holi.

Coconut ladoo

A sweet made up of coconut and condensed milk, shaped into round balls and rolled in desiccated coconut asa garnish is a must-have sweet on holi. To make it more festive and colourful, add a drop of different food colours to the coconut mixture and makea yummy eye drooling ladoos to grab on one bite.


This is a popular snack often made during holi festival. This sweet and crispy shakarpara is made up of maidaand wheat flour, deep fried in ghee and coated with sugar syrup. This crunchy inside and soft outside yummy bites, add crunch to this festival.


How can one forget Thandai, a must drink for holi. Welcome your guest with something cool and refreshing. The mixture of milk, sugar, dry fruits, watermelon seeds, rose petals, saffron, fennel seeds and other condiments. Aroma of this traditional drink and its ingredients have that natural cooling effect which soothes the body after playing Holi in the scorching heat. Toadd more craziness,and to make this festival more interesting some people also arrange bhang thandai for the holi festival.India’s very own desi cocktail. J

Jalebi, kheer, halwa, gulab jamun, kulfi, barfi and what not. The list will go on as holi is a season of love, craze, colour, fun and of course yummy snacks and sweets.

Invite your near and dear ones and treat them with these yummy holi desserts. After all, Holi is a perfect excuse, which we only get once a year to enjoy all these delicious sweets.

So, this Holi be ready for an overdose of all these sugary sweets and gifts lined up for you and enjoy this festive season. Happy Holi everyone!